Experience the Power of Your Wild Wealth

As a coach, a healing practitioner or spiritual entrepreneur, do you want to feel and experience the power of Wild Wealth - the ultimate expression of your true, luminous nature expressed in your business and your life? Do you want to experience the untamed, wild and abundant resources that are within you and all around you to take action in meaningful ways to grow your business?

You are invited to say yes to joining the Wild Wealth Collective. 

It is time. YOUR time to:

  • Know you are unstoppable when it comes to creating the business, the life and the world that you most want to live in. It's time to get over the conditions and perceived limitations (such as money or time) that stop you from being the woman you want to be.
  • Be connected to your unique wealth in the form of Source: love, vision, creativity, support and joy.... It's time to lead from that position of strength to create the life and the business you are meant to create. 
  • Invest consciously and powerfully in the life, business and world that you wish to inhabit. It's time to know yourself as an agent of your own destiny in all the ways that matter to you.
  • Be surrounded by and supported by a circle of women creatives, healers, and coaches who are on the same beautiful path of Wild Wealth. It's time to gather together and soar with the energy and support of like-minded others who are on this path of getting epic shit done. 

Ready? Let's do this! 

The 2016 Wild Wealth Collective is Full

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Individually we are powerful, Together we are unstoppable.

Before I joined The Wild Wealth Collective, I was floundering in my big dream of having a successful business and I was aimlessly carrying it around, subconsciously fleeing the demons that wanted nothing more than to see me stay exactly where I was.

Having spent nearly a year with the Collective now, it's been the catalyst for so much change. There is nowhere to run or hide because Nona, our wonderful Guidess, constantly brings me back to my center and helps me to see clearly. I would have given up on my business long ago if I hadn’t had the support and inspiration of the Collective. I have momentum in my business and I've more deeply integrated play, rest, connecting to my intuition and making time for myself as a vital part of my rhythms and cycles in the creation of success.

I highly recommend the Collective - it will help you get in touch with yourself and the deepest Source of your wealth."

-Julia Yanker

"I joined The Wild Wealth Collective in order to have a safe place to hatch my dream of stepping into a vibrant artist life, with a guiding voice to parse out clarity around money, and an intimate group of women to travel with through the changes of the year together. The pace Nona has established for us to learn to trust ourselves and our unfolding lives is beautiful.
Having this place where there is a road map to the weeks, the months and the year encouraged me from the onset to get to know my own rhythms and set up/ try out new systems and practices. Within this rhythmic space - with guest speakers, monthly Centering In and the rhythm of the cycles - SO much happens. Nona recognizes that life and business are integrated parts of our whole lives, and there is space to talk about life events shaping our business and our days. We can check in about money. We can talk about dreams, journeys and symbols in a way that isn't usually associated with business or entrepreneurship, but offering real direction for our action... all of this provides rich connection and sisterhood as well as deep guidance! 
Over the course of my year as part of the Collective, I have experienced a healthy, supportive community of women who celebrate with me. I have experienced a deep shift in my thinking about wealth. I look with curiosity to the richness of my daily life, relationships, and choices as driving my wealth, no longer focusing primarily on money and THINGS. I have experienced real, voluptuous shifts in my artistic path that I am now feeling very protective of nurturing further, dazzled by love and wonder. 
I highly recommend The Collective for women who want to connect with their own deepest wisdom, the wisdom of nature and the wisdom of an amazing group of women who are on the same path of accessing the abundant resources of wealth within and all around to craft meaningful success."
-Laurie Nadeau, Artist at Clover Brown

Nona and the group have helped give me clarity around which actions to take.... and which ideas I could let rest.
The group helped me create magic in my business, and a greater sense of peace and everything I do. I feel like I’ve stepped off the hamster wheel and into a greater sense of abundant flow in my business and my life.” 

— Jill Farmer; Author, Speaker and Master Certified Coach